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Vis. Com v.s 3D/Spatial

To all that have ever gotten to a cross road and wondered left or right, I now know exactly how you feel; with visual communications and spatial design being just that (opposites) I’m quite confused on which to choose. Both seeming entirely appealing but in so many different ways I don’t know whether to satisfy the story telling and imaginative side of me with vis. com, or whether I should choose to build on that constructive and design based drive that I have; an internal argument clearly worth settling.
            With regard to fashion and textiles and fine art, at least I’m dead set on them. With fine art, the lack of a client based agenda (in the future that is) worries me and the idea of spending a lifetime creating for the purpose of just creating although very appealing, just wouldn’t sit right career wise for me and the fact that I don’t necessarily conform with the tutor’s ways of thinking artistically definitely doesn’t help. With fashion and textiles, I enjoyed the rotation. Very much so actually; the experimentation and lucidity behind the concept of just letting go and letting it come to you was an intense difference to the way I usually operate with my artwork. However career wise, I don’t think it’s the right path for me either. Which leaves me with visual communications and 3D/spatial.
            I was always astonished with the work of architects and interior architects, their ability to create from nothing, which I know is what any artist does really, but with buildings and structures it’s different; your building something, you are creating a structure that is storey’s high that marks your definite presence in the world and the effect you have had on it, a signature that’s a building high or a room wide. Not to mention the variety of career choices I can opt for, the countless ideas I can translate out of my mind and into reality and the countless ways I can use my education to change (and I realise how cliché this is but it has to be said) the world somehow; assistance to those unfortunate is something I am intensely passionate about and so if I do happen to choose a career path in say architecture or something of the likes, I would more than likely feel more capable of providing that assistance and offering my services.
            I feel like creating is something I can and would ultimately like doing, however when it comes to comparing it to visual communications, a field where telling stories and conveying messages in cunning and dexterous ways is your career, how can it not be appealing? I must say my imagination is the well I dip into most for ideas and so in an area like this, I can’t help but think, not only would I enjoy it, but I would get to express myself while doing so, something I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to do in 3D/Spatial. Not to mention, after seeing the works of Dominic Wilcox, temptation to such a lifestyle increased to unmentionable levels.
            However, one thing that definitely scares me, with both areas, is that I tend to opt for simplicity and with such competitive attitudes now-a-days, I worry that in either area, I wouldn’t be noticed, simply fly under the radar with things that aren’t appealing to a society which has proven itself to be for complex indeed.
            So when it comes down to it, the two areas present me with careers and a lifestyle that I can imagine myself loving entirely, the only question left, is which one do I choose?


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