The Bare Necessities...

So since starting 3D/Spatial, I admit, the work has distracted me away from blogging, but thus far, I must say although the work load seems a little intense, the projects are in fact very interesting. Our "re-use, re-make, re-invent" project had us tearing apart one piece of furniture in order to assemble it all back together as another piece of furniture. This project had me thinking in all different directions, first and foremost the design of my new piece of furniture, I wanted to create so much with too little a piece of furniture but in the end I decided on a small, multi-purpose household item that would ideally be placed by the door to keep you from forgetting your keys and wallet or phone. The hammering, screwing and sawing might I add, was definite fun! =D

Then came the "10x10x10" project. As much as we beg for it, complete liberty isn't always easy...a weekend of work where we had to photograph 10x10x10 left me a little dazed for ideas but I managed to torture my dorm mates into helping me out in my photographs. But then the week progressed into some very interesting group scale work as well as material experimentation...two days that I can definitely say, were by far my favourite. Manipulating the different materials and working with new ones like metal and wax and plaster was very exciting! With the scale work we had to act out the theory of 10x10x10 in a small, medium and large scale, measuring distance or time. My personal favourite photograph of the bunch was my "10 steps away" >>

Designing the spatial project for the 10x10x10 was very experimental. I worked with several different scales but came out with a design that I actually quite liked, and am possibly considering making apart of my future home =P

And then came the pop-ups and pop-downs, the project we're working on right now where we began by researching things that were "temporary. desirable. exclusive." The catch?...nothing christmas related, yup, no santa's, elves or reindeers, were allowed to be seen in our photographic research, so amongst christmas crazed crowds we had to find those few decorations which weren't specifically christmas related, my favourite photographs happened to be of lights...

and now the design and building process where the one necessity is for the structure to be able to pop up and pop right back down again, AKA finally a project that slips right into my suitcase without any worries...temporary. desirable. and exclusive. here I come, hopefully! =)

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