Simple, but different.

I really want my structure to be very simple but still very different. I need it to be something that can be constructed in a matter of a day or two. I need it to have playful elements in order to attract the youth.
It is meant to be a leisure center, a place where they find guidance, a place for their creativity to grow and find inspiration. Ideally, I would have it that this place be used for inspirational talks, so a stage must be present. It also must be the type of stage that is capable of changing size and shape.


3 weeks into it and...

3 weeks into my fmp and i had the idea, a concept of how i wanted it to be like and strange persistent desire to present my research very clearly.
My topic being the street children of Cairo I intend on researching just that. Researching the streets and the building and seeing what they lack and feeding off the city to know what my project needs and researching the children and their desires, knowing them and what they want.