Friday's Story time

Oh Vis. Com, how much of a difference it was in that class. Art had purpose again! After fine art, I wasn't so sure of that, but vis. com restored my faith. I like having something to say about a peice of work; my source of inspiration, the reason behind it, anything really to validate it's creation. Ofcourse I know that not every artist thinks that way, but I like to and so when we got to vis. com, whoo the fast pace was intimidating, but I really enjoyed executing the class projects, only because the first project had my mind churning and brainstorming which I quite liked because I ended up with so many thoughts I wouldn't have otherwise come up with...which then put the rest of the projects into perspective. It was all pretty much think on the spot from there on; with having to come up with ways of telling a story, with 13 images or less and in a significantly subtle manner I had my work cut out for me. Thankfully though I was happy with the end product, simple but it said what I wanted it too.
Project number 3. That's it, that's the one i loved.
                        "Create an original and clever way of sending an unspoken message....Send a message on behalf of someone"

Again, I was slightly imtimidated by the concept of the idea of sending the message on the behalf of someone else, wondering if I could actually get my message across, but the sun that day helped...I marched to the grassy area in the courtyard and planned my project and after a final ok from one of the tutors I was quite excited, only because I really wanted to convey this message because of how close to me it was...


"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."
                      Thanks, Maria Robinson.


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