The last rotation...access to the "other" building at last!

Horizontal meets vertical
 Yup, it's 3D/Spatial. Into the new building we went and onto what was possibly the rotation with the most amount of work. 

They had us building things in class and then tearing them down just as fast so we can have time to run around outside taking photographs and sketching, which for me was the funnest part of the rotation, especially because of that list of words they gave us I found myself taking pictures of things I usually wouldn't and coming out with some pretty strong images! 


Levels. Angles. Shadows. Also, if you look real close, it says look right on the left handside and look left on the right handside, making this, a favourite of mine.

Levels. If you can see it, I was trying to concentrate on the foreground, but also trying to capture the levels of the building in the background.

Angles. Angles. Angles.


The hardest part for me, was the sitting down and creating. The 3 objects that they wanted us to make; 
"something to walk through, that wasn't a building"  
"something to support someone, that wasn't a chair"
"something to contain an object, that wasn't a box"
Safe to say I had a few ideas, I thought I knew what I wanted to make, it was the actual making part that didn't go too well with me. The lack of materials and then wanting to deform them in unrealistic shapes, I suppose is what left too many peices of wood broken and too many wires snapped. I was leaning towards more circular objects before i realised that maybe I was being slightly unrealistic. Sooo, I decided to venture out a little bit more, true it meant starting all over, but I still had 2 days till crit.

In the end I came up with a multi-purpose container, which could both hold something as well as let you hang things on it.
Something on the likes of a bridge.
And last but not least, a lounge bed.

Put in it.

Hang on it.

Cross throught it.

Overall, I quite enjoyed 3D/Spatial, true, I struggled a little in the beginning, but as soon as I picked up the hang of it, I felt like it came naturally.

And thats that. Eight weeks of work come down to 30 minutes of assessment. Monday 10:00 am, here I come.


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